School Security Specialist Information

In July of 2017, a new law (P.L. 2017 c. 162) was signed by Governor Christie which requires the superintendent of each school district to designate a school administrator as a school safety specialist for the district. This new law goes into effect on January 17, 2018, so all superintendents must take action to designate their district's school safety specialist. Once fully implemented, this new law requires that the Department of Education provide a training certification program, free of charge, to your district's school safety specialist on bullying, hazing, truancy, internet safety, emergency planning, emergency drills, drugs, weapons, gangs and school policing.

For the latest from the State Department of Education on the Designation of School Security Specialist click on the link below:

SENATE, No. 2242
July 2017

Establishes New Jersey School Safety Specialist Academy in Department of Education and requires school districts to designate school safety specialist.

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