About the Bergen County Association of School Security Professionals

The BCASSP was started in May of 2017 when several retired law enforcement officers, working as school security specialists, saw the need to have a professional venue to share critical school security information with our contemporaries around the County.  Through the support of the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office, we developed this working group of like-minded individuals.  

The Association is made up of school security specialists, school security personnel,  facilities directors / personnel,  principals, technical specialists, school administrators or any person in a public or private Bergen County school district who is in educational security.  

The Association is a vehicle for providing school security staff with a means to share best practices and emerging trends, while developing a network to share information about these practices.  We are also looking to share information about equipment, software and hardware that will better keep our campuses safe.  Additionally, we are looking to provide professional training opportunities for K-12 security staff and administrators. 

The BCASSP is a 501(c)(3) Organization